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What you should know about DeCoDe Internships

Mon 29 Feb 2016

In the past decade, Department of Communication Design has established a remarkable relationship with the industry. It has, in consultation with the industry, structured its curriculum to reflect the demands of current business practices. For the four year period in school, second year students are mandated to have a familiarization trip to the industry.

Also, in the second semester of the third year, as a requirement, they are sent out as interns to selected Advertising Agencies, Design Studios, Multimedia Firms, Printing Houses and many more. It is for a period of Ten (10) weeks, after which they come back to school to complete the semester.

The benefits are varied, students;

  • Gain on-the-job work experience.
  • Learn important job skills.
  • Self-assess their knowledge and skills, and where to improve if need be.
  • Make professional contacts in the field.
  • Develop professional portfolio materials.

The industry also benefit as;

  • Students receive training in their area of specialization.
  • Students sometimes bring fresh approaches, new ideas.
  • Educational contacts for recruiting new employees.

Our assessment is based on multiple strategies covering the following courses;

DAD 350 PORTFOLIO (3) –  Portfolio of work undertaken during 10-week internship period.

DAD 352 FIELD REPORT (LONG ESSAY) (4) Problem solving mini-projects carried out by students during the period.

DAD354 FIELD REPORT (3) – Field report on mini-projects undertaken while on industrial attachment.