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Television Studio (TEK TV)

TeK TV Main Studio

Tek TV is an educational broadcast facility that will operate a number of channels to primarily serve the interest of KNUST students, other educational institutions and the people of Ghana. The television station setup in the Communication Design Department, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), is mainly run by staff, students and service personnel of the institution.


The programme content is in line with KNUST and Tek TV’s values including harnessing leadership in innovation and technology, promotion of diversity and equal opportunity for all, pursuit of culture of excellence, and developing creativity and local talents. Integrity and stewardship of resources are key watch words. Tek TV accepts programme proposals from independent producers, NGOs, educational institutions and government departments to produce content independently or in collaboration. The station has multimedia laboratories and studios which are equipped with professional cameras, lighting and post production equipment.

Studio Production at TeK Tv

The Tek TV Station is made up of the following key departments:

  • Programmes Department: Handles content for transmission.
  • Camera Department: Deals with cinematography and still photography. It is headed by Director of Photography (DOP) and supported by Cinematographers, Gaffer Team and Grip.
  • Design Department: Is responsible for set designing, costume and make-up.
Virtual Set-up for Production
Creative Video Editing at the TeK Tv Post Post Production Unit
Dedicated Space and Equipment for Motion Graphics and 3d Rendering for Television Production