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About the Department

The department offers programmes that are interdisciplinary and flexible.  Tremendous forces of change are creating a growing need for professionals who can function effectively. We invite you to prepare yourself for a place in our increasingly creative society.

Aim & Objectives

  • To provide academic and professional training in graphic design and its related study area.
  • To equip students with problem-solving methodologies integral to socio-economic development of Ghana.
  • To develop professional attitudes and a commitment to excellence.

The department continues to be actively involved in the training of high-calibre manpower for the Advertising/Packing, Graphic Design and Printing Industry as well as the educational sector in Ghana and abroad. It has also maintained high standards over the years in equipping students with problem-solving methodologies integrated in the socio-economic development of Ghana. Thanks to the very committed academic staff who have upheld the standards despite the challenges they face and the trying conditions under which they work.