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The Unit has been created with the responsibility to coordinate postgraduate studies in the Department.

The Unit liaises with The School of Graduate Studies, which is the statutory body of the University that oversees graduate programmes of the University and activities of prospective and current postgraduate students.

In addition to these core activities, the Unit exists to support postgraduate students and staff with research assistance such as thesis proposal planning.  Seminars and workshops in research methods and the use of statistics to enhance research are also provided to postgraduate students and supervisors on a regular basis.

Our core mandate is to assist postgraduate students in the pursuit of academic excellence. The Unit aims to enhance the profile of postgraduate and research activities at the Department, to contribute to the goal of attracting students into our research community, and to raise awareness of potential design and technology innovation as an outcome of our postgraduate research.

Finally, the Unit seeks to streamline research reports to conform to the standards set by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) of the University. In this regards, templates and guidelines for various activities are available as downloads on the SGS website.

Admissions Requirements

To apply for our graduate degree programmes, you will need the following:

Master of PHILOSOPHY (MPhil) & Master of Communication Design (MCOMM DESIGN)

  • Proof of graduation from a Bachelor's program (or the equivalent in another country (official college transcripts)
  • A portfolio representing the student's work in the area of study for which the student is applying
  • A letter of intent that explains why the prospect wants to join the MPhil and M Comm Design  programmes
  • A resume and letters of recommendation

Visit the Graduate Admissions for more information.

Bachelor Art (BA) Communication Design)

  • Mature Students: Proof of Higher National Diploma graduation (diploma or HND)
  • International Students: English translated official high school transcript

Visit the Undergraduate Admissions on the main University Website for more information.