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The Graphic Art Student' Association

The Graphic Art Student' Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the Department of Communication Design, who have completed their Bachelor of Art programme in design. They actively work to stimulate community involvement, create partnerships with other organizations, and host events for students and staff, with the goal of providing the support and opportunities necessary to help design students find success in our community.

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Students enrolled in the graduate programmes currently meets for academic activities during the weekends (Fri & Sat) each week. Access to University facilities would enable you to continue with your research and studio projects during the weekdays.

Graduate Assistants GA)

Graduate students in their 2nd year of study (who have successfully completed and passed their first year taught-courses) are eligible to apply as a Graduate Assistants (GAs) in the department. Limited slots are available in each academic year; and per the need in the department. GAs, other than Principal Instructors, are not solely responsible for a course. GA may receive monthly allowances during their Assistantship.


The duties of a Graduate Assistant (GA) are primarily in support of instruction and research and include such responsibilities as: preparing and conducting lecture demonstrations, assisting in research, supervising laboratories, leading seminars, grading assignments, reports, and examinations, and performing other related duties. The GA position is viewed as an apprenticeship for further academic or professional careers. In view of this, GAs functions shall not include routine duties commonly associated with clerical, technical, or administrative work not directly related to instructional activities.