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The Design Press

Design Press (DP) is a printing press that undertakes a variety of printing jobs. It is considered a force in the printing industry on KNUST campus in particular and Ashanti Region in general. The Management of DP has decided to reengineer it to make it operate more effectively and efficiently and to explore the possibility of capital injection.

Objectives of Design Press
The objectives of Design Press are primarily:

  1. Operating as a Printing laboratory to facilitate teaching practically.
  2. Equip students with the requisite skill to make them ready for the job market.

design press logo

Established on 15th July 1989, DP is a semi-commercial production unit jointly owned and operated by the Departments of Communication Design and Publishing Studies of CABE, KNUST. It serves as a printing laboratory for the students of the two departments. Its other purpose is to offer high-quality printing service to the University community and the public.

DP had the capacity to undertake every printing work. However, over the years, apart from printing of books, its services have been the design and printing of the following materials:

  1. Congregation materials
  2. Student Guide
  3. KNUST Certificates
  4. Vice Chancellor’s Report
  5. College of Art of and Social Sciences Journal
  6. Security Letterheads for KNUST Registry


DP has three main production units: Press-Press, Printing, and Finishing. Thus, the production process goes through these three units.


  • Image generation
  • Typesetting and designing
  • Filming and color separation
  • Plate processing


  • Images from plates exposed are transferred onto substrate/paper/cards.


  • Collating
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Trimming


is located behind the Department of Communication Design near the Protestant Church building, within the precincts of the KNUST Commercial Area. DP is a bit hidden to the University community and the public at large but enjoys operational advantage since it is located in an academic environment where demand for printing services is frequent and copious. The contact address of DP is:

  • Design Press
  • College of Art and Built Environment
  • P.O. Box 50, KNUST
  • Tel.: 0244 685 900 / 0244 284 461