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Entry Requirements

a. Masters in Communication Design (M.Comm. Design) Full Time ONLY;

b. Master of Philosophy (MPhil Comm. Design) Full Time ONLY;

c. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Visual Communication Design) Full Time ONLY (To be updated)


Prospective students should have a good first degree (First Class or Second Class [Upper Division]) in one of the pathway areas in Communication design or design-related programme. For M.Comm, an applicant in addition, must have a minimum of two years professional working experience, and further demonstrate the appropriate intellectual, creative and personal qualities to pursue the programme. Candidates must be able to demonstrate, through the submission and review of a portfolio and through an interview, a level of knowledge and competence appropriate to the demands of the programme, and to demonstrate the potential to benefit from that study.

For MPhil, a candidate will be required to submit a 2-page summary of proposal that he/she intends to work on and for which a competent supervisor is readily available. M.Comm students will be required to produce a good professional portfolio and attend an interview.

Candidates would be selected on the basis of a body of work/proposal that will demonstrate an advanced understanding of the subject/area, sufficient knowledge and technical skill to realise intentions; evidence of commitment to the subject; research and intellectual curiosity, critical design-thinking; open-mindedness; the ability to collaborate, to engage in research and debate, and respond communicatively to criticism.


Component of the programme

  1. Required (core) courses
  2. Research component
  3. Practical training and/or seminar presentations
  4. Semester-by-semester schedule of course


Requirements for graduation

  • Pass all subjects
  • Achieved a minimum of  (a) 24 credits and not more than 38 (for MA Design) and (b) 40 credits and not more than 72 (for MPhil Design)
  • Achieved cumulated weighted average (CWA) of 55% and above.
  • Hold a reviewed exhibition of their Communication Design studio work (for MA students) on the University premises, private or public gallery in Kumasi to be reviewed by internal examiner and/or an external assessor; for MPhil, a publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal; or two conference proceedings at a peer-review conference.
  • Satisfy all requirements of the department and the School of Graduate Studies.