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Educational Visit by Spanish Independent Artist and Engineer, Sara Escribano

Tue 9 Jul 2024 GASA News
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The Department of Communication Design on 3rd July, 2024 received a visit from Spanish Artist and Engineer, Sara Escribano. The visit was part of efforts organize a workshop and collaborate with teaching faculty and students on projects. In attendance were some members of staff, teaching assistants and students. Dr. Adam Rahman, Head of Department welcomed Ms. Escribano and introduced her as the speaker for the workshop.


Student participants during the presentation with Ms. Sara Escribano


Ms. Sara Escribano begun her presentation with a short interactive experiment. Students were asked to participate by closing their eyes, visualize certain elements and run them through a process. The essence of the experiment was to make the participants understand the fact that, whatever attracts our vision is unique and is different for each person. She emphasized that, finding a way for other people to see your unique vision and the world the way you do is Art.

Student participants

Ms. Escribano who is an engineer specialises in the mechanics of air crafts and planes. She is also practices as an independent artist, sharing that she has never enrolled and formally schooled in the field of Art.

Nevertheless, the art pieces and projects that was showcased was simply awe inspiring to participants.  The approach to her work points to how audiences perceive her creative process and not only about the artworks themselves. She seeks to use her art to create a dialogue using existing realities to show what is happening in the world.

She further spoke on how artist are bound to face challenges in their pursuit of self expression .

"Always ask why something is taking your attention. Bring people's minds to the beautiful things and spaces they walk out on every day." - Sara Escribano

One major thing she emphasized on was the subject of the Creative Process. She gave the audience an analogy to compare the traditional creative process. She spoke about the creative mind where inspiration comes from; and your limiting mind is where doubts seep from. But as an artist, she encouraged the young artists to go through their design processes with the creative mind, accepting that creative challenges are normal and happen to everyone.

“The most important step is to HAVE FUN!” - Sara Escribano

Dr. John Opuni Amankwa

With these insightful words Ms. Escribano ended her presentation. She then discussed a collaborative project with students and invited interested persons to participate.

Dr. John Opuni Amankwa, lecturer for Photography also shed more light on the project, stating that it will be part of the assessment of the 3rd Year student's end of semester project. After this, Sara Escribano responded to some questions from the audience. With the programme drawing to a close, the Vice President Elect for the College of Art and Built Environment Students’ Association (CABESSA), Master Russell Gyamfi Boateng gave a vote of thanks. A socialising session continued with the Artist and participants present.

"Taking attention to the people that mentor you, replicate what they do; but you will not come out with the same. Now, it is that difference that lies in your unique way of seeing the world. This is what makes your space interesting and interactive" - Sara Escribano




As part of the collaboration with students, we have the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition "Wo te me nka?/ Can you hear me?" on Friday July 12th at 11 AM, at the entrance hall of K. K. Adarkwa Building, Faculty of Art, KNUST.

Be part of the visual dialogue between common spaces of Kumasi and KNUST students in collaboration with the Spanish Artist Sara Escribano, through a site-specific photo installation.