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Visit from Hochschule Darmstadt University

Fri 5 Apr 2024 DeCoDe, KNUST
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As part of efforts to establish a working Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), representatives of Hochschule Darmstadt - Darmstadt University of Applied sciences visited the department on the 21st of March, 2024 to make presentations about their institutions. The representatives from Hochschule Darmstadt were Professor Ulla Maquardt (Coordinator of Foreign Exchange Program), and Katrine-Luise (Professor) were welcomed by Dr. Adam Rahman (HoD) on behalf of the department and the staff. In attendance was Prof. Ebenezer Howard, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Art, members of teaching staff and students in various years of study at the department.

Prof. Ebenezer Howard, Vice Dean, Faculty of Art

The visit saw to establish an MoU with the Department of Communication Design and The University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany. The MOU has, as part of its key pillars, the exchange of both faculty and students and research collaboration.



Prof. Ulla Marquardt

Prof. Ulla Marquardt, in her presentation stated that the program is intended to promote cultural diversity between the two countries as well as provide new perspectives and ideas on design and life as a whole. She further introduced the programmes offered by her faculty and courses in communication design, which included advertising art direction, graphic design, illustration, packaging design, exhibition design, printmaking (both traditional and digital techniques), drawing, animation, video, photography, typography, web design, information graphics, and art and design history. In addition, Prof Ulla delved into fascinating topics like digital production and UX, mobility, disaster and emergency design, robotic and artificial intelligence, automotive design, health and medical technology, service design and business design, furniture and special design which are run under the department of Industrial Art


Student participants at the forum

As part of her presentation, she showcased the state of the facilities studios which are available to students and some creative student works in varied fields, demonstrating their talent and creativity in the application of images and videos in effective communication. She further explained their teaching and learning strategies which included small group lectures, field trips, internships, as well as outdoor lessons. The presentation offered a comprehensive overview of the courses, student project requirements, and a vibrant atmosphere at the faculty. This is aimed at creating an immersive, dynamic and enriching learning environment that nurtures the artistic growth of students.


Prof Kathrine-Louise

Prof Kathrine-Louise, who is a scholarship coordinator for her institution, encouraged all students, especially final years, graduate students and Teaching Assistants to take this opportunity as a next step to achieving their academic goals. She advised that students who are interested in scholarships should establish a rapport with Professor Ulla as a preliminary step, followed by the submission of an application and proposal endorsed by a commendable appraisal from KNUST.



She further discussed their funding framework, noting that funding is determined by the duration requested by the applicant and the specific type of financial assistance offered to the student.

Prof. Ulla and Prof Katrin-Luise both expressed their excitement and delight about the endless opportunities that comes with this endeavor. The event ended with an address from the HoD who admonished all students to take advantage of the program for their academic growth.


Members of Staff with the visit Professors


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News Article by: Peace Tagoe, Chelsea Sraha, Christiana Dadzie & Millicent Yeboah

Images by: David Letsa