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"designers unite! make design visible!" - ICOD

Thu 27 Apr 2023 Institutions

"What if, through a very simple action, we could collectively impact the recognition of design? We think that design does not get the credit it deserves. Part of the reason for this is that design rarely gets credited at all."

Do you know who designed the clothes you are wearing? The phone in your pocket? The train you rode to work on? Probably not. You don't know this because design is invisible. Rarely will you be aware of design until it goes wrong. We are starting a campaign to make design visible. We are asking design clients to credit their designers and designers to do their part in convincing their clients that credit is fair and right and can be beneficial to them. We are asking designers to advocate for credit. If not for themselves, for the advancement of the design profession. We are asking them to do this on principle to set a new standard. To add clauses in their contracts and enforce them. Companies can join in on this campaign too. Name your designers. Include your design team members on credits for their work. Show the world that you know the value of the design that has gone into your products... Read the full article here

Source: International Council of Design