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Meet Professor Divine Kwaku Ahadzie

Fri 31 Mar 2023 Benjamin Prempeh General
Meet Prof Ahadzie i


BSc K'si, MSc, Manchester, PhD, Wolverhampton, MGIOC, CMCIH (UK)

Professor of Construction and Human Settlement Development

(Head, Centre for Settlements Studies, KNUST)


Professor Divine Kwaku Ahadzie was born on 10th February 1965 at Ho in the Volta Regional Capital of Ghana to Mr. William Kwadzo Ahadzie and Mrs. Inocentia Nuname Ahadzie (aka Nuname Attipoe).

Prof. Ahadzie started his kindergarten education at the Mercy Baptist School at Anloga-Kumasi, and later transferred to Ayeduase Roman Catholic (R/C) School in 1971. In 1978, he sat and passed the common entrance examination to enter Technology Secondary School, now KNUST Senior High School where he obtained his ‘Ordinary” and “Advanced” level Certificates in 1983 and 1985 respectively. Prof. Ahadzie was among the pioneer sixth formers who did their “A” levels at the KNUST Senior High School....



Topic: “Winning the Real Impact Award: A Reflexive Journey Through Housing, Environment and Community Flood Resilience.”

In this lecture, I am seeking to convince readers and the audience that: it is possible to work as a researcher in a developing country such as Ghana, remain innovative  and globally relevant; the housing industry in Ghana persuades what I call “Elite Supremacy” and require eschewing this notion, if we are to use housing in building an inclusive society; studies in Kumasi suggests, if flood resilience initiatives are to be engendered in our communities, it will require the crucial role of Assemblymen, MPs and Chiefs (APC) acting in common trinity; Accra requires the construction of a large retention basin in the Odaw-Korle Catchment. This could reduce the overall risk by about 30%, translating to a yearly risk reduction of 5.24 million dollars in financial terms.

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