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Meet Tracy the Graphic Designer: Winner of The 13th African Games Logo Competition

Mon 10 Jan 2022 Alumni
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Hello! I’m Tracy Ampah Oppong, a graduate from the Department of Communication Design, KNUST (2020 year group). I’m also a past student of St. Louis Senior High School.

I’ve always been an art and design enthusiast, to the extent I ignored all criticisms and pursued visual art back in senior high school. I won’t say I was born an artist/designer, but rather, born to become one, a good one at that. I decided to learn and explore, both in school and on my own.

The thought of having to create something that will not only be visually pleasing, but also serve a purpose and create some sort of value, has always been my drive till date.

I gain inspiration from solitude and music. I find these very relaxing and helps stimulate my creative sense.

I’m quite passionate about creating designs to transform brands, digital storytelling and as well, helping/encouraging others in my field.

What I’ll say to my fellow designers, especially females, is to risk it! Better be known and appreciated for your efforts, skill and value than to not be remembered at all. Define your personal brand!